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Hardwood Floor Installation close up by Simple Floor Covering and Design. PA NJ DE We offer only the finest carpet selections. Fitting whatever price range. At wholesale prices. Laminate flooring is a terrific product to use it almost any situation. We have many selections at discounts. We offer many diffrent options to upgrade your home to fit as specific need. We offer only the finest carpet selections. Fitting whatever price range. At wholesale prices.

Tile, Ceramic, Marble & Stone

Tile Installations at Simple Floor Covering & DesignTile flooring offers a number of benefits. It can be considerably cheaper than hardwood or stone, and it's generally easy to maintain.  All tile flooring products we offer at SFC are also designed to be extremely durable, so you'll receive a longer lasting return on your investment.  If your project area, whether home or office, would be more condusive to an easier maintained product that will also endure more wear and tear,  look no further than ceramic or porcelain tile. 


Carpet and rug at simple floor coveringThere are almost too many carpet colors, styles, and patterns to choose from! Don’t worry. Our skilled flooring design team is on hand to assist you in your selection with complementary color suggestions, and a broad range of product knowledge.  In addition to only supplying samples that fit within your specified budget, our team members also review your short term and long term use of the product to help you make the best decision for your home or office. Remnants can offer great savings in many situations.


Vinyl floor at Simple Floor Covering & DesignInstalling a vinyl floor covering is a time-tested way to provide a durable and cost-effective base for any room. In general, vinyl is easy to put in, and the process doesn't take a lot of time. It has also come a long way in regard to its look.


Laminate at Simple Floor Covering.Laminate flooring has improved in recent years, making it possible for you to imitate the appearance and elegance of hardwood at a significantly lower cost. Our laminate flooring is durable, long-lasting and easy to care for, and when you let SFC simplify your project,  you benefit from our:
Superior Materials and Workmanship at Discount Prices
Free Estimates
Commitment to Excellence and Outstanding Customer Service!


Hardwood at Simple Floor Covering & DesignHardwood floors give your home a warm feeling and can bring elegance and style to any room. We are proud to offer expert installation in two styles of hardwood flooring:
Solid wood - each piece is made from one piece of wood, and comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses.
Engineered wood - each piece is made from up to 10 layers of wood fixed together in a cross-ply technique and comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

The look of your hardwood floors will improve over years of use. However, for regular cleanings that ensure a lifetime of beautiful hardwood floors, we recommend scheduling our trained staff of professional hardwood floor cleaners to care for your hardwood floor.
Contact us today for a free estimate on hardwood flooring and hardwood floor cleaning services.