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Simple Floor Covering & Design: Custom product by Simple

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Hardwood Floor Installation close up by Simple Floor Covering and Design. PA NJ DE We offer only the finest carpet selections. Fitting whatever price range. At wholesale prices. Laminate flooring is a terrific product to use it almost any situation. We have many selections at discounts. We offer many diffrent options to upgrade your home to fit as specific need. We offer only the finest carpet selections. Fitting whatever price range. At wholesale prices.

Remnants & Overstock

Remnants avalible at all wholesale locations.

We can offer to have any instock carpet or remnant cut and bound to client specifications. Area, accent and stair treds are good investment to protect traffic areas. Call or Email us so we can better assist you.

Custom made Arearugs by Simple.

Our binding services are here to service you the client. Why pay the money for expensive area rugs that almost never fit what you are looking for. Order the exact carpet and dimesions you want. L-shaped? Custom runners? No problem. Call us today for a Free Estimate.

Machine Simple Floor Covering & Design

Choose from any of our instock carpet to protect you investment with area rugs. Kids? Pets? We got you covered. Any size for everyones unique situation.

Area rugs & Binding

Custom area rugs to your ouw design at Simple Floor Covering & DesignCarpet remnants are a very popular and affordable flooring option. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and style, carpeting offers style, versatility, and longevity. You can save on the cost of carpet without sacrificing quality by using carpet remnants. Remnants are leftover pieces of carpet, usually from the end of a roll. They're not large enough to carpet an entire house, but usually big enough to carpet a single room. Your choices may be limited when selecting from remnants, but the discounted price of carpet remnants is very appealing. Heritage Carpet only uses first quality carpet remnants. Remnants are typically priced at a flat rate rather than by the square foot, which can also be a cost-saver.

Uses for carpet remnants:

The most common use of carpet remnants is to carpet a single room. Remnants also have practical purposes, such as protecting high traffic areas, or for use right inside the door to trap mud and dirt before they get carried throughout the house. Designers also like to use remnants for aesthetic purposes as rugs, runners, or in stairways. Remember to factor in the cost of finishing the edges of remnants if necessary.

Simple Floor Covering & Design- Stair treds.Stair treds are a good way to accentuate you steps in any situation. Change to look and appearace of you stairs and protect your hard surfaces.